Breasts Pt. 1: Naturally Nurturing


Breast cancer is on the increase despite the insight of current research and new technologies.  Some of the strong causal links are: chemicals externally applied through hair dye and other “beauty products”; a steady diet of overly processed foods; high consumption of dairy products; lack of exercise; and wearing bras that restrict the muscles and tissues from functioning, which basically tells them to go to sleep. Perhaps the culmination of toxins and lack of use block normal stimulation and flow and restrict their natural ability to cleanse themselves. It makes me wonder: does their inner psycho/spiritual purpose also need our attention?

On a physical level, women’s breasts are designed to feed and nurture babies. It is interesting that despite this innate function, current data shows that only 50% to 70% of women in English speaking countries (Canada, USA, England, Ireland) breastfeed their babies. And even if they do, then only do it for an average of 4 months after birth. Knowledge of the amazing nutrition present in breast milk, such as hormones and vital fats for brain development, doesn’t seem to widely enroll women in this process. If breasts are for feeding babies, why is breast-feeding still so prevalently avoided?

Many women today are working mothers and return to the work place quickly after the birth of their baby. This can reduce milk flow and complicates feeding schedules. Breastfeeding under these circumstances is understandably difficult to continue. Some claim they stop because of their husband’s complaint about having to ‘share’ with the baby. Some stop because they do not like the negative judgment of breastfeeding in public places. Some say that claiming their bodies back from the baby is a power statement of taking control.

In a world where we have made women’s breasts bound, hurt, sick, manipulated, scarred, ogled, taken in vain, prostituted, cut off, banished, hidden, shamed, feared, abused, and used, it is hard to embrace their natural physical function, let alone their psycho/spiritual function.


In their honored and prominent location over the heart, I believe breasts are also designed to be a portal of love. Like a gateway to the heart, the loving, radiant energy that seeks to come through them generates emotional connection. We could describe them as the eyes of the heart. My breasts also feel like windows: feeling and seeing the world from inside, deep in womanly wisdom, sensing and transmitting emotions.

When I feel my breasts I sense a soft, alive, richness—an energy that is delicate yet powerful. I sense that their beauty and sensuality provides others with warmth and tender blessings. Their message is, “Welcome to my world of peace, love and generosity—I see you.”  So I invite you to sense into your breasts. Inquire about their rightful place and full function. Affirm their physical and emotional/spiritual purpose. They are deserving of endless reverence and respect as beautiful givers of life and as the eyes, and window, of the Feminine heart.

Yes, they naturally nurture babies to a strong start in life, but they also naturally nurture connection, love and spiritual richness to all we come in contact with.


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